Weinstein Whines As Film Ad Rejected

Aug. 27 Add: Paragraph near bottom citing what specifically ABC wants removed
By Robert Marich
   Aug 25, 2011—Ever the energetic promoter, The Weinstein Co. issued a press release that – gasp!—ABC Television has “refused to broadcast the commercial spot for…new comedy Our Idiot Brother, unless TWC makes specified cuts.” The press release provides links to the commercial on YouTube and also a link to the red-band trailer for the raunchy comedy scheduled for premiere Aug 26.
   The PR also states the offending commercial for Our Idiot Brother is running on other channels.
   My reaction is “so what.” ABC Television has standards and is responsible for what it telecasts.
   But you gotta love the Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who are irrepressible impresarios. They court controversy and to make sure every knows by putting out a press release.
   For their Zack and Miri Make A Porno they pushed the titillation buttons in marketing---rubbing one outdoor advertising outfit the wrong way who refused the ad placement. The movie is more harmless than its title suggests (though still rated R).
    According to, Weinstein Co. received these instructions from ABC: “Please remove the visual of the exchange of what is assumed to be drugs. Please remove the visual of the character using a juice box to depict urination. Please remove the references to getting high and smoking.”
   Marketing to Moviegoers: Second Edition dissects the Weinstein modus operandi that is make good movies and then go all out with publicity to get the press to talk about them.
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