Weinstein Pushes App for 'Giver'

By Robert Marich
   July 25, 2014-Film distributor The Weinstein Co. has digital marketing outfits Adaptly and Kik driving a social media campaign for The Giver, which is a PG-13-rated fantasy drama that will premiere Aug 15. Since digital media campaigns are a new wave, here’s a look at one.
  Adaptly arranged the campaign, which uses Kik for mobile messaging.
   “The campaign is designed to drive engagement with Weinstein’s mobile content via a photo sharing experience with virtual stickers inspired by the film,” says a post on the Adaptly website. “Tapping into the
Page views of The Giver mobile messaging apps on Kik

celebrated story, Kik users can add The Giver-themed virtual stickers to photos of friends, fans and cast members. Instantly shareable, the campaign is expected to drive over 1.5 million engagements and provide Weinstein with opportunities to generate trailer views, ticket sales and reminders in the lead up to the premiere.”
  The content is expected to be sent by users to others, who in turn may also pass on. The campaign targets young adults, who are heavy users of mobile messaging.
  Researcher eMarketer ranks Kik as the third most popular mobile app, behind Facebook Messenger and Skype. In this case, Kik gets The Giver exclusively in the mobile app category, and The Giver is Kik’s first movie promotion.
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