'Twilight' Website Markets 6,000 Products

By Robert Marich

   Nov. 14, 2008 – Twilight movie-themed merchandise gets a promotional lift on website CafePress, which offers direct to consumer sales of tee-shirts, buttons, stationary, posters and the like. Customers can select a surprisingly large number of Twilight-themed images that appear on various products. 
   The press release below (under links) says there are over 6,000 Twilight designs available. The movie, which is based on the
This Twilight lapel button lists for $3.89.

supernatural romance best-selling novel, gets its theatrical release Nov. 21 via Summit Entertainment.

“Twilight” Fans Unleash Their Creativity Through a CafePress Partnership with Summit Entertainment

   “Twilight” Fans Can Design and Sell Merchandise on CafePress Inspired by the Highly Anticipated Film

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CafePress, the leader of user-generated commerce, today announced a partnership with Summit Entertainment that provides “Twilight” series fans with a unique opportunity to design and sell film-inspired merchandise. Based on The New York Times number one best-selling series by Stephanie Meyers, the eagerly anticipated “Twilight” film debuts on November 21 staring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

   In this truly unique partnership, fans can visit CafePress to channel their passion for “Twilight” into self-designed merchandise. The “Twilight” Fan Portal on allows users to unleash their creativity and enthusiasm for the series to create expressive, colorful items related to the film – and then share in the revenue generated from sales of their masterpieces.

“With over 6,000 ‘Twilight’ designs already on CafePress, we are excited to be part of the fervor and energy harnessed by the series’ loyal fans,” said CafePress Vice President of Marketing Amy Maniatis. “CafePress has always been an engine fueling creativity and this partnership allows us to channel this energy towards an exciting cultural moment.”

   Fans are already expressing their “Twilight” devotion on CafePress with tributes to favorite characters, memorable quotes and witty plays on words. Current examples include designs that read, “Mrs. Cullen,” “Meanwhile… In a town named Spoons…,” and “Fanpire.” The full selection of Twilight-inspired merchandise designed by the film’s fans can be viewed and purchased at


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