'Tron' Motorcycle Rides Disney Monorail

   April 7, 2010 – The sprawling Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida create a moving promotion for the movie Tron: Legacy on the front car of the park’s monorail train. Reactions are mixed, according to an article on the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.
   The graphic on the front of the monorail is impressive with a Tron motorcycle framed against a blue background.
  “It’s ... the first time Disney World has wrapped any of its monorail trains -- one of the resort’s most widely recognized symbols -- with advertising that promotes something beyond the theme parks,” reports the Orlando Sentinel article by Jason Garcia. “And it has proven astonishingly polarizing. Though many Disney fans have gushed over the sleek look, many others are criticizing the company in online fan forums for turning one of Disney World’s most universally recognized symbols into a 200-foot advertisement.”
   The article continues: “The backlash underscores the balancing act that faces Disney as it searches for new and more ways to use its theme parks to promote its movies, television shows and time shares without antagonizing its uniquely passionate -- and vocal -- fan base.”
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