Super Bowl film ads wow viewers, not critics

   Feb. 4, 2009 – Movie commercials were among the most viewed online after the Super Bowl, according to a researcher. With 10 films ads in Sunday’s pro football championship game, commercials for Transformers 2, Angels and Demons and G.I. Joe were most popular among all categories, according to a viral video tracking report issued today by BayTSP. See press release below.

  In most rankings of Super Bowl commercials base on creativity, film ads typically fall to the bottom because they are essentially mini-trailers with film clips. Also, there’s not a lot of ad agency pizzazz.

   But the BayTSP report doesn’t tally expert opinions on creativity, but rather consumer behavior. It’s no surprise film ads would resonate given they contain famous faces, quick cuts and are derivatives of highly-valued content-- cinema trailers and full length movies.


   Feb 2 09 -- LOS GATOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trailers for “Transformers 2,” “Angels and Demons” and “G.I. Joe,” along with spots for SoBe and Pedigree, topped the list of most popular Super Bowl commercials watched online, according to a viral video tracking report issued today by BayTSP.

   BayTSP tracked propagation and viewership of more than 50 commercials aired during Super Bowl XLIII across more than a dozen video hosting sites, including YouTube, Daily Motion and YouKu. Viral video tracking and measurement is part of BayTSP’s larger business intelligence service used by the entertainment industry to analyze consumer interest in feature films and television shows.

   “Viral video propagation and viewership is an increasingly reliable barometer for judging consumer interest,” said BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa. “The majority of Super Bowl ads were uploaded by fans to YouTube, but for this project we monitored video hosting sites worldwide.”

   As of 10 a.m. PT, Monday, February 2, the “Transformers 2” trailer had been posted 350 times and viewed more than 1.2 million times, according to BayTSP’s report. The “Angels and Devils” trailer appeared eight times and was viewed more than 431,000 times. The trailer for “G.I. Joe” was third, appearing 119 times with more than 415,000 views.

   SoBe’s NFL ballerinas and Pedigree’s adoption drive ads featuring a rhino, ostrich and warthog were released 24-48 hours in advance of the game, according to industry reports. BayTSP identified 11 copies of SoBe’s commercial, with a combined viewership of more than 333,000. Pedigree’s commercial appeared nine times for a total viewership of more than 262,000.

   “The entertainment industry uses BayTSP’s business intelligence services to identify where consumers are posting their content online, what content is most popular and how many people are viewing it,” Ishikawa said. “Coupled with BayTSP’s enforcement services, content owners can more effectively target and control their online promotions. All of this is key to negotiating and enforcing revenue sharing agreements with content distributors and monitoring the effectiveness of online advertising and marketing campaigns.”

   BayTSP will issue a follow up report on Friday, analyzing longer-term viewer interest in the commercials. Included below is a list of the number of unique clips for the top 10 commercials aired during the game and the number of unique views:


Number of Videos


Unique Views

Transformers 2 Trailer




Angels and Demons Trailer




G.I. Joe Trailer




SoBe: NFL Ballerinas




Pedigree: Adoption




E-Trade Financial: Babies




Bud Light: Conan Goes Swedish




Bridgestone: Potato Heads




Year One Trailer 2




Cheetos: The Birds




About BayTSP

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