'Star Trek' Auction

   May 4, 2010 – Star Trek memorabilia is alive and well. A public sale is planned in Las Vegas June 27 via Julien’s Auctions of 25 items from last year’s Star Trek theatrical film.
   “Highlights of the iconic costumes available from Star Trek include wardrobe worn by franchise legend Leonard Nimoy during his pivotal meeting with the young James T. Kirk, Starfleet cadet costumes as worn by Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine, and the insignia badges needed to complete a Star Fleet Uniform ensemble,” a Julien’s press release says.
   Items include Star Trek uniform badges used in the movie that are projected to sell for $1,500-$2,500 each and handheld communicators—those cell phone like devices – for $1,000-2,000. A sleek blue and grey Enterprise crew member costume is pegged at $1,000-2,500.
   William Shatner will appear in person to autograph items on June 24 and is selling some of his memorabilia from his career as Capt. Kirk to raise money for a charity he supports for horses. Proceeds from the 25 items of the Star Trek movie will go to charity, as well as personal items from the late creator Gene Roddenberry.
   Movie memorabilia trade is a tricky business. Federal authorities last month charged a Georgia man with selling fake horror film posters for $1 million that he made with modern printing but he passed off as decades-old originals.
   The accused man sold them online auction sites like eBay claiming to be a fan and collector of classic Universal monster-movie posters and getting prices of $500-$5,000, court papers say.
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