Sony Marshals Siblings For 'MiB3'

   Dec 12, 2011- Sony Pictures pushes for maximum synergy within the $88 billion Sony Corp. empire for Men in Black 3, which will hit theaters May 25, 2012.
   In a press release, Sony Pictures says that consumer-facing businesses of the company that will promote sci-fi comedy MIB3 include:
·         TV channels reaching 577m TV households worldwide (the U.S. alone has just 115m TV households).
·         Sony Entertainment Network that serves the PlayStation video game users (though it’s recently been hit by hackers), Sony Erickson mobile phones, Sony person computers and Sony-branded living room consumer devices.
·         Websites with 67m visitors including
·         Mobile apps with 5 million users.
·         Sony TV channel and other pages on social media platforms reaching 20m fans.
·         A digital outdoor billboard in New York City (“digital” means electronic and the ability to change the billboard ad easily)
·         Sony owned retail stores, Sony franchisees and authorized dealers for its electronics products.
   “Moviegoers will find the trailer at their favorite Sony destinations and it offers audiences around the world their first glimpse at Men in Black 3,” Dwight Caines, president of worldwide digital marketing for Sony Pictures Entertainment, said in a statement. He arranged the cross platform Sony corporate ad hoc network.
   Film trailers get placed widely and MIB3 is no exception. Sony Pictures is arranging a global premiere of the film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in 19 languages on in-house and third party platforms.
   Everyone at Sony felt that this was a fun and unique opportunity to marshal our forces in an unprecedented way and it's exciting to see the entire group of companies flex its marketing muscle in unison,” Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Jeff Blake said in a statement. “We believe it gives this trailer launch a distinct, compelling, and significant impact with moviegoers around the world.”
   While it would seem utilizing corporate synergies would always occur, the reality is this doesn’t happen routinely because studio parents don’t want to push sibling companies into alliances that will spark resentment within the company and seemed forced to consumers. Studio parents own newspapers, cable TV networks, broadcast TV networks, premium pay TV channels, magazines and other media businesses. Since cable giant Comcast took a majority stake in NBC Universal recently, Universal Pictures has rolled out more in-corporate-house promotions. Indeed, most promotions are cross studio such as the Harry Potter ride (from a Warner Bros. movie) at Universal Studios.
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