Retro Theater Promo Gets New Life

By Robert Marich
   May 8, 2014-An insurance advertiser found a creative way to get one of its branded elements in front of in-theater audiences with a sort of public service advertisement that doesn’t run with regular screen ads.
   Insurer Geico recreated a 1950s vintage on-screen
the retro 'Let's All Go to the Lobby' in-theater visual is a PSA that subtly ties to Geico insurance

message that suggested audiences go to the concession stand to buy food and beverages. The “Let’s All Go To the Lobby” presents a 1950s visual, with the Geico gecko lizard-which is seen in its regular ads—reminding moviegoers to turn off electronic devices during the movie. There's no overt sales pitch for Geico.
   Marketing services outfit Horizon Media is the ad agency of record for this campaign that runs via both Screenvision and NCM—the two on-theater screen ad brokers (who just announced a merger). The in-screen video runs at the end of the theater pre-shows, not in the pod of regular advertisements.
   "Let's All Go..." has been in theaters for a few months, but I just spotted and think it’s noteworthy. It plays off a slice of real retro exhibition—the corny “Let’s All Go...” messages that ran in theaters a half century ago.
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