Renaming Films For Overseas Tastes

    Aug. 2, 2008 – Hollywood movie titles get a makeover overseas because literal translations would put off moviegoers, which is fun to examine close up.
    Famously, Warner Bros.’ three 1990s family adventure films  starting with Free Willy – which is about a whale – refused to rename the film even though "willy" is slang for a body part in the UK and elsewhere.
    Fox’s 1992 buddy film White Men Can’t Jump has a title that is idiomatic to multi-racial U.S. So it went out in Spain with the title Los Blancos no la Saben Meter, which roughly translated says “Whites  Can’t Put It In" that was considered "almost rude" in Spain and other countries, notes Variety chief Latin America writer Anna Marie de la Fuente.
    Yesterday, USA Today weighed in with an interesting feature story about retitling so as not to offend locals, which opens: “This weekend, thousands of Mexicans will line up at theaters to see The Knight of the Night, Super Agent 86 and The End of Time. Never heard of them? Those are the literal translations of the Spanish titles given to The Dark Knight, Get Smart and The Happening.”
    The USA Today article by Chris Hawley also says that “last year's comedy hit Knocked Up was given the gentler title Slightly Pregnant in Roman Catholic Peru and the gloriously blunt One Night, Big Belly in China.

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