Political Films Roll Out

ADD Oct 5-Runaway Slave, Atlas Shrugged, and Hating Breitbart; ADD Oct. 8 Wall St Journal on fracking industry knocking Promised Land

 By Robert Marich
   Oct. 4, 2012—A wave of movies with political messages are hitting theaters: documentary Occupy Unmasked and public school critique Won’t Back Down that just opened, and will be followed by anti-fracking drama Promised Land.
   Occupy Unmasked premiered Sept 21 in limited release at just four theaters via Magnolia Pictures.  Won’t Back Down opened Sept 28 at 2,515 theaters via 20th Century Fox. Promised Land is scheduled for Dec. 28 debut via Focus Features, the Universal Pictures unit.
   ADD Oct 7- Says the Wall Street Journal, "Worried that the (Promised Land) will portray fracking in a negative light, the (energy) industry is working up responses that it says could include bombarding film reviewers with scientific studies, distributing leaflets to moviegoers and mounting a 'truth-squad' effort on Twitter and Facebook."
  The scripted-drama Won’t Back Down is the most ambitious since it stars three Oscar-honored actresses. The drama about crisis in public schools is funded by financier Philip Anschutz, who is top investor in the giant Regal Cinema circuit, owns a huge live entertainment business that he just put up for sale and has invested in movies previously including the Narnia fantasy flicks
   ADD Oct 5-Rocky Mountain Pictures booked Runaway Slave, a documentary about contemporary black conseratives, for a short, unsuccessful summer run rolling up $71,000 (never going wider than six theaters). Atlas Shrugged: Part II is scheduled for open next weekend. The scripted drama Atlas Shrugged appears to be self-distributed; it's a screen adaptation of the famous novel endorsing free enterprise. Sitting in the wings is Hating Breitbart,a documentary about the conservative commentator, that was screened at the Republican presidential convention.
   Another political film, documentary Greedy Lying Bastards, is getting a press push for online viewing but doesn’t seem likely to make it to cinemas. It attacks conservative activists.
  The big development on the political film front is that anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama's America has rolled up $33million in domestic box office this year, making it one of the top grossing docus of recent years. Rocky Mountain Pictures distributes.
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