Martinis At Super-Luxury Theaters

    April 24, 2008--A Wall Street Journal reporter patronized the new generation of super-luxury movie theaters and liked what she experienced. “They are throwing in amenities from restaurants on the premises and extended concession stands to bars, leather stadium seating with lots of leg room, huge lobbies, birthday-party rooms and child care—for about the same price as a regular multiplex.,” notes Peggy Edersheim Kalb. Her visit list included a 14-screen Muvico Entertainment theater in Tampa NY, National Amusement’s 15-screen Cinema De Lux in White Plains NY, a Rave Motion Picture theater outside of Houston and the Kabuki Sundance in San Francisco. At the Muvico, there were “martinis and hors d’oeuvres…and ‘interactive gaming rooms’ for the kids.”


    Note that author Robert Marich patronizes the White Plains theater and word that valet parking is $15 seems a rip-off, since easy self park is $0.75 per hour. Theaters may get away with super high prices for certain services in the short run, but prices out of proportion could ruin the brand in the long run.


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