Marcus Circuit Rolls Out Indie Films

By Robert Marich
   Jan. 17, 2014-Midwest circuit Marcus Theatres says it has mounted an ongoing effort to play independent films at its theaters called Indie Focus. While many exhibitors talk up patronage of specialty-audience independent films, action is still sporadic and here Marcus is making an continuing commitment.
   “An Indie Focus movie might be a first run film from a major director or a debut outing from a novice auteur, but they share common charact-
The Marcus logo for Indie Focus fosters a brand-like effect

eristics that appeal to a discriminating moviegoing audience,” says a Marcus press release. “Indie Focus films tend to reflect the individual artistic vision of the filmmaker and focus on character development. Indie directors are often more likely to innovate or take risks because they are not trying to appeal to a mass audience."
   A Marcus spokesman said the Milwaukee-based theater circuit’s patrons have asked for indie films and they will be marketed primarily via digital media (which is low cost). The films don’t have to have a local flavor and video-on-demand runs are not an automatic disqualifier. Marcus is the nation’s fifth largest circuit with 685 screens at 55 locations. Indie Focus rolls out at 11 locations.
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