'Iron Man 2' App Looks for Long Run

   May 4 2010—Movies use applications -- or "apps" -- sparingly because these software short cuts loaded on computers and smart phones tend to be used by consumers only for a brief time. However, Iron Man 2 has ambitions for its iPhone app to remain in active well beyond the theatrical run of the Paramount Pictures release that starts on Friday.
   “The Iron Man app offers related news, wallpapers, video clips, and links to other Iron Man content via iTunes packaged in a sleek display designed to look like the hologram gizmo in Iron Man’s high-tech suit,” according to an article on advertising trade publication Media Post. “The video material will include movie trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and music videos.”
   Seattle-based Zumobi created the app for the comic book character’s owner Marvel Entertainment and Paramount. Marvel “plans to update content and add features to the Iron Man app in the coming year,” says the Media Post article by Mark Walsh. “An iPad-tailored version of the app is also expected out within the next two weeks.”
   The article notes a survey found the typical iPhone app gets used for 30 days. Film marketers use apps sparingly because they cost thousands of dollars to make and require a promotion campaign to convince consumers to download. That timeline is too long for theatrical releases that are in theaters for just a few weeks.
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