In-theater Restaurant Dining Grows

By Robert Marich
  Sept. 30, 2012-In-theater dining is gaining momentum. National Amusement’s Showcase Cinema is planning a restaurant-style meal service in a Boston-area theater and similar venues are planned for Kansas and suburban Chicago.
   National Amusements, which is a major circuit in the Northeast United States, will open a Davio’s Cucina restaurant at a to-be-built six-screen multiplex in Chestnut Hill, which is a Boston suburb. “Along with Davio’s Cucina, Chestnut Hill’s high-end complex will also feature six-screens with premium reserved seating, at-your-seat dining, and a full bar and lounge in the lobby,” says a National Amusement press release.
  For a Prairie Village, Kansas site, Dineplex International plans to open a Standees restaurant in a movie theater will begin construction in December. Says a press release, the Standees will be “an adult-oriented, upscale-casual restaurant serving affordable, chef-infused American classics, that combines dining and entertainment in a digitally enhanced, optimally integrated facility.” Patrons order meals at the Standees restaurant connected with the theater, but don't eat full meals in the cinema auditorium. However, they can bring drinks, desserts and snacks into theater, which has small tables attached tothe seating.
   A PR person says that films being screened will appeal to adults citing as examples of the recent past Moneyball, French import Intouchables, The Artist and Moonrise Kingdom.
   In the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, a Studio Movie Grill was announced in April. “SMG has said goodbye to the days of stale popcorn and microwaved snacks and introduced a varied menu of hand-tossed gourmet pizzas, coconut chicken, a Thai salad, and Smoked St. Louis BBQ Ribs to name a few, alongside all of the perennial favorites,” says a press release. “The menu also features healthier choices for adults and children alike, including turkey burgers, grilled chicken tenders and sliced apples. All of the menu items range in price from $4.25 - $16.25.” The Wheaton in-theater dining/movie house will be Studio Movie Grill’s ninth combo restaurant and movie theater.
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