Films For Older Audiences Click

   Feb. 27 2011- A New York Times article finds older adults a growing force in what is usually characterized as the youth-oriented movie market.
   “Hollywood, slower than almost any other industry to market to baby boomers, may be getting a glimpse of its graying future,” says the article by Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply. “While the percentage of moviegoers in the older population remains relatively small, the actual number of older moviegoers is growing explosively — up 67 percent since 1995, according to GfK MRI, a media research firm.”  

   The New York Times article continues, “The Social Network and The King’s Speech that have become hits based on wit and storytelling, not special effects.” The article cites Red, Expendables and Unknown as recent films with older casts that appeal to older adults, which did solid boxoffice.  

   The Best Picture nominees for Oscars are also serious fare appealing to older demographics, but that is the case most years (and not all 10 of the Best Picture nominees are box office hits).
   Still, the youth market is hyperactive in cinema and older adults, while a growing force, still underperform. People over age 50 account for 32% of the U.S. population but bought 21% of tickets, though its proportional impact is rising.
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