Creative boutique mOcean pushes development

   June 9, 2015—Creative boutiques that fashion film trailers, posters and other marketing materials populate the Hollywood landscape because $1-3 million is spent for creative materials for each major studio film.
   Leading creative specialist advertising agency mOcean hired Chuck Carey as its head of strategic development; Carey comes from TV industry marketing.
   “In this new role, Carey will concentrate on developing deeper, more-strategically focused relationships with present and future
mOcean clients, as well as work with mOcean's leadership and creative teams to advance services and processes,” says an mOcean press release. mOcean, which was founded in 2000, conceived creative materials for Disney’s Avengers theatricals, Mad Max: Fury Road, and American Sniper.
   Notes the third edition of the book Marketing to Moveigoers, “Two to five outside shops are hired to create television advertising. For key art (posters), which is the central design of print ads that becomes a signature for the movie, one to three boutiques usually are hired.”
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