BO Stats Show Mixed Bag for '14

By Robert Marich
   March 15, 2015—Data from the Hollywood trade association of major studios shows global box office rose 1% in calendar 2014, though in the critical USA/Canada territory box office was off 5%.
   Overall, the picture is okay with growth despite economic woes
in Western Europe and Japan, and there are movie weak spots too. What the stats don’t show is the growth is in low-profit countries like China, whose film rental payments (slice of box office) is the lowest in the world. For this year, the appreciating US dollar in foreign currency exchange will diminish international contribution because those currencies are translated into dollars.
   For the USA/Canada domestic market, stats by the Motion Picture Assn. of America (MPAA) show that attendance by the key young
adult and teenager demographics are slipping—which is a concern because this is the heavy movie-going audience. The falloff was pronounced for ages and 18-24 and 25-39. And these age groups merit close watch because this is the frequent movie-going category.
   In 2014, the global box office that rose 1% reach $36.4 billion, which consists of $26 billion in international box office and $10.4 billion in domestic (USA and Canada).
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