AMC Revamps Consumer Marketing

   Oct. 25, 2012—The nation’s second largest theater chain by screen count, AMC Entertainment has completely revamped its consumer marketing in the past few years, says a Variety story. Gone are paid ads in newspaper. Now the bulk of marketing spending goes into digital, such as online where consumer like to express their opinions about movies.
   “Social media is pervasive and consumers expect brands to be in social media," the Variety article quotes Stephen Colanero, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at AMC Theaters.
   Says the Variety article, “AMC has 3.8 million reader ‘likes’ on Facebook, leading all U.S. exhibitors. Elsewhere, the circuit's consumer loyalty program AMC Stubs has more than 2.5 million participants who log their ticket and food/beverage purchases in an AMC database. Separately, a work-in-progress is a field trial of a mobile device app enabling paperless ticket purchases.” Stubs members get offered pre-release screenings of films that include Q&A with filmmakers, such as Prometheus and Lincoln.
   The article also notes besides digital media initiatives, AMC books film marathons, presenting all the best picture Oscar nominees prior to the Academy Awards, and also presents back-to-back retrospectives of popular movie series timed boost the release of new installments, such as the Twilight franchise.

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