Ad Age Salutes Sony Pix

By Robert Marich
   May 24, 2010—Advertising Age confers kudos on Sony Pictures for expert film marketing in 2009, after succeeding with big films well like disaster epic 2012, and also making hits out of the unheralded Paul Blart: Mall Cop fronted by TV star Kevin James and modestly-budgeted sci-fi District 9.
   The trade publication published a roundup citing Jeff Blake, chairman of Sony Pictures worldwide marketing, and Marc Weinstock, the studio’s marketing president.
    “Weinstock suggested that creating an interactive viral experience for each film’s marketing also helped matters,” says the Ad Age article. “District 9, for example, was launched with a viral outdoor campaign on benches and kiosks featuring a silhouette of the film’s signature prawn-like aliens and a 1-800 number. It was a gamble that ultimately paid off due to Sony’s commitment to original storytelling.”
   Sony Pictures was the #3 distributor ranked by box office in 2009, after Warner (which released far more films) and Paramount, while just a whisker ahead of Fox, according to BoxOfficeMojo.
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