Action Films Allocate 82% of Ads to TV

By Robert Marich
   May 11, 2015-A digital-advertising analytics firm claims movie marketers could get more bang for their buck if they reduced spending on TV advertising,  which is at 82% for PG-13 rated action films from majors studios.
   Advertising analytics outfit MarketShare says, “Despite TV’s
PG-13 action adventure films like The Avengers series from major studios rely overwhelmingly on TV ad spending

powerful impact, however, advertisers’ TV spend did exceed the point of diminishing returns.” MarketShare trots out ROI (return on investment) measures that suggests online is three-times more effective than TV, according to a Media Post article (I’ve ask for but not yet received this info).
   The Media Post article by P. J. Bednarski says, “Broadly speaking online digital spending seems to be a good add on once a campaign is already underway. But for movie marketers, who have to depend on a short, intense window to get people out to the Bijou, time is really of the essence.”
   A reader comment on the Media Post article from Doug Garnett seemed insightful, noting, “And this reminds me of the days when people like MarketShare all gave Apple grief for spending the bulk of ITS budget on TV and not spending online. Of course, Apple was rapidly growing into the world's biggest valued company WITHOUT online spending...and with TV.”
   What often gets overlooked is the online world is loaded with movie content in promotions, publicity and editorial/journalism postings. The spending on these efforts are not formal advertising, so paid-advertising allocations tend to understate how much movie content ends up online. The book Marketing to Moviegoers notes, “Costly broadcast-network TV advertising is still the only way to reach huge audiences with speed and certainty for the critical film-premiere week.”
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