$13 mil. 'Product' Seeks Payday From Film Exposure

By Robert Marich
   April 18, 2010 – It’s perhaps the ultimate personal product placement in a movie! A New York investment banker whose luxurious condo will be seen prominently in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps will put the New York City living unit on sale to cash in on the buzz.
   A New York Post article says a real-life financial services professional bought the condo for $1.4 million in 2003 and will seek $13 million. The two-floor condo measures a sprawling 6,250 feet, has large glass windows and great views from its perch in the Flatiron district in central Manhattan.
   While most associate product placements in movies with consumer goods—such as branded beer or automobiles that are recognized—locations also enjoy the same phenomenon, whether geographic locales or specific buildings.
   Money Never Sleeps, which Fox is scheduled to release Sept 24, is a PG-13 sequel to a 1987 drama movie. The sequel is also directed by Oliver Stone and stars Michael Douglas as a ruthless Wall Street financier.
   “Director Oliver Stone had his pick of luxe apartments, but chose [this one] for its masculine mahogany floors, a floating staircase and incredible city views,” says the New York Post article. “The views are quintessential New York — the Empire State building, Times Square and roofs lined with water towers.”
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